Welcome Message
Thank you for your interest in MOLTEN 2021. We understand that some participants are concerned about the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to announce that MOLTEN 2021 is pivoting to a fully Virtual Conference in next year.

Due to world-wide spreading of the coronavirus infections (COVID-19), we have decided to hold the MOLTEN 2021 not as an in-person conference as originally planned, but as an online virtual conference. We believe this is the most responsible path forward to maintain safe conditions for our attendees, presenters, exhibitors.

Although we cannot communicate directly as we enjoy at the in-person meetings, this online conference, which is supported by many conferences, has several advantages: you can focus on the specific presentations you are interested in on your pc, you can attend the presentations at various conference topics which are often difficult due to overlap in parallel sessions, and you can send questions and comments to the presenters.

The conference aims to provide opportunities for researchers and engineers from around the world to present their works and share their ideas in the field of Molten Slags, Fluxes and Salts. Significant advancements in all aspects of research, development, and applications shall be covered within technical presentations and posters. Another aim of the conference is to enhance the relationships between member societies and to share common goals of research, development, and application in this important field of materials.

Specifically, MOLTEN 2021 explores the recent progress in slags, fluxes and salts research based on the rich heritage from 40 years of past endeavors providing the seed for another 40 years of research growth in our field of excellence. Regardless of the field of ferrous and non-ferrous communities, environment, or energy, we hope that researchers can discuss opportunities for the present and future.

Since we will make every effort to make this conference very useful to all participants, we hope most of you will participate in MOLTEN 2021 and strengthen our communication in spite of this difficult situation.

We thank you again for your participation and look forward to looking back at the 40-year history and discussing the 40 years to come with you at MOLTEN 2021. See you soon in February.