Conference Topics
Fundamental Science for
Slags, Fluxes and Salts
Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria (Measurement)
• Activity
• Capacity
• Redox Equilibria
• Phase Diagram
• Etc.
Physicochemical Properties (Measurement)
• Viscosity
• Diffusivity
• Surface / Interfacial Tension
• Thermal / Electrical Conductivity
• Etc.
• Thermodynamic Modeling (CALPHAD)
• Physicochemical Property Modeling
• Process Modeling
• Structure Modeling in Atomic and Molecular Dimensions
• Etc.
• Structure Analysis using Spectroscopic Methodologies
• Structure-Property Relationship
• Etc.
Electrochemical Aspects
• Molten Salts Chemistry
• Electricity Applications
• Etc.
Kinetics and Reaction Phenomena with Metals
• Transport Phenomena during Reactions
• Fluid Flow Phenomena
• Reaction Dynamics and Transition States
• Para-equilibrium States
• Etc.
Industrial Technologies for
Slags, Fluxes and Salts
Ferrous Metallurgy
• Slags and Fluxes in Coking, Sintering, Ironmaking,
  Steelmaking and Refining
• Inclusion Control in Steel by Slags and Fluxes
• Flux Application in Casting Processes
• Etc.
Ferroalloys and Nonferrous Metallurgy
• Slags in Ferroalloys (Si, Mn, Cr, Ni, etc.) Production
• Slags in Special Melting ESR Process
• Salts in Hall-Heroult Process
• Slags in Non-ferrous (Cu, Pb, Zn, etc.) Smelting Process
• Etc.
• Slag-Refractory Interfacial Reactions
• Freeze Lining
• Etc.
Coal Ash and Gasifier Slags
• Slags in Power Production and Its Modifications
• Slags Applied to Future Power Generation
• Etc.
Welding Fluxes
• Flux Design and Applications to Welding
• Effects of Fluxing for Welding Metallurgy
• Welding Fluxes for New Materials and Dissimilar Metals
• Etc.
Glasses and Cements
Sustainable Society & Circular Economy
via Slags, Fluxes and Salts
Critical Metals
• Slags Application in Critical Metals
• Slags Application in Precious Metals
• Etc.
Recycling, Recovery and Reuse
• Recovery of Valuable Metals from Metallurgical
• Extraction of Thermal Energy
• Utilization of Process By-products
• Etc.
Energy, Environments and Slags
• Slags to Reduce Environmental Impact
• Slags for Energy Transformation
• Etc.